5 Stunning Places In France

France is arguably the most visited country in the world. It is a diverse country with several beautiful places to visit. You’d spend months exploring all the beautiful places in France. Nonetheless, we have compressed the top 5 stunning places that you can’t afford to miss visiting when in France. 

1.    French Capital, Paris

Of course, your trip to France will be incomplete if you don’t step your foot to Paris. The city is with no doubt the most stunning place to be. It is home to the iconic Eiffel tower which is the tallest building in the country and second in the world. Paris is also known as the epicenter of European fashion designs. Therefore, several boutiques offer a variety of trendy fashions. Also, Paris boasts itself of world-class hotels and restaurants which offers incredible meals. Generally, there is more fun in Paris than you can never imagine.

2.    Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is probably the most iconic places to visit in France. It is a small medieval island which is characterized by a striking architectural design. What’s more, the island has several meandering lanes, streets, and small buildings within. The island is usually visited by more than three million people from over the world each year. When in Mont Saint Michel, you can learn on the historical background that leads to its formation way back in the 8th century.

3.    French Riviera 

French Riviera is one place known for its beauty, glitz, and glamour. Located in the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France, this place attracts thousands of vacationers and other tourists. There are plenty of restaurants dealing with a variety of sea-inspired menus. Besides, the hoteliers and the locals are very friendly and welcoming. This maximizes your enjoyable experience in the area. Therefore, French Riviera offers vibrant sites making it a stunning place to spend some time. 

4.    Caen

Caen is one of the oldest and coolest city in France. It is located approximately a two-hour train ride from Paris. Having been built almost 1,000 years ago, Caen has a rich historical background, especially relating to religion. Caen is also a perfect place to explore some of the gorgeous beautiful scenarios that France has to offer. Visiting the walls of Caen castle are not only impressive but also breathtaking. The villages of Caen have picturesque structures with surrounding natural beauties creating a scene you’ll want to capture on camera. Just as a bonus, Caen is home to the soft buttery delicious cheese. In as much as there are other cheese varieties from different parts of France, the best cheese is known to come from Caen.

5.    Gorges du Verdon

For nature enthusiasts, Gorges du Verdon is ultimately the perfect place to be. It has the most extensive river canyon in the whole of Europe. Due to its magnificent and impressive beauty, people travel from different parts of the world to view its stunning beauty. Therefore, this is one of the places you would miss to visit while in France – read article on is france worth visiting